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  • 6 Simple Ways to Make your Bedroom Eco-Friendly
    September 23, 2018


    After a hectic and tiresome day of work, all you need is a refreshing sleep in your favourite place, bedroom, the safest haven at your home. Bedroom if made eco-friendly will not only provide a refreshing ambiance but also help you with many health benefits.

    Here are few simple ways to make your bedroom environment-friendly –

    1. Go Organic
    Use organic beds, sheets and pillows that are made of natural materials like jute, soy silk and so on and not with chemicals. Having organic beds to sleep helps in promoting deep sleep as well. Its recommended to opt for mattresses made of wool, all-natural latex, cotton etc.

    2. Bedroom Shades

    Normal customary wall-paints include a lot of chemicals that is harmful for the environment. It is recommended to use natural, plant-based shades that doesn’t release toxic compounds thus helping you safeguard your health.

    3. Plants

    Adorn your favourite place with beautiful houseplants. Not only they help absorb allergens from air keeping the air fresh, also the fresh oxygen will help promote better sleep.

    4. Decorate minimally

    Remove clutter regularly. It not only gives a relaxing feel but also provides a clean look to the rom. For an instance, unwanted clothing, piles of laundry, stack of papers or documents that’s not required should be cleared from the room immediately. Donate unwanted clothing to the needy.


    Start using LED lights for traditional bulbs since they use lesser energy and last long. Also, using old fashioned incandescent bulbs are recommended.

    6. Floors

    Having a bamboo or hardwood floor is recommended as a perfect eco-choice.

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