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  • 7 Accessories That Add Luxury To Your Home
    December 13, 2018

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    Your dream home is nothing but a representation of You! All the items, fixtures and accessories at your home will express who you are as an individual. A touch of the right accessory can make the difference in setting the perfect tone of your home.

    Also, when it comes to setting up a home that is synonymous to luxury, it’s vital that you make the little things count. Here are 7 accessories that would turn any house into a luxurious living space –

    1. Mirrors
    Decorating your rooms with mirrors of different shapes and sizes will make it look luxurious. A mirror will not only give your home a feeling of more space but also will make it look exquisite.

    2.) Plants
    Plants bring in nature to your home. This not only improves air quality but also will help in bestowing life to your living space. Not to mention the unique charm it brings to your home décor.

    3.) Lighting
    Lighting has a huge impact on the tone your home is set. Having different lightings with elegant switches helps in providing the exquisite appeal to your home.

    4. Rugs
    A perfect way to add character to your home is by sprucing it up with a variety of rugs and carpets. Rugs are easier to maintain and can add colour and design to your home as well.

    5. Wall decor
    Use your walls smartly to add that luxurious touch to your living space. Exquisite paintings, artworks, décor items, wallpapers, framed pictures, bookcases etc. are few of the many ways in which you get the walls to do the talking.

    6. Cushions and Pillows
    Having cushions and pillows of different textures, colours and designs are a great way to transform your home into something luxurious. It would be ideal to choose cushions and pillows that would enhance and complement the theme of your living space.

    7. Home fragrances
    Last but not the least, nothing adds more to the feel of a luxury space like a good fragrance. Bring life to your home with scented candles, air fresheners and reed diffusers.

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