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  • 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Apartment Look More Spacious
    July 8, 2018

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    You live in a city or a suburb, it’s no secret that a well spacious apartment or flat is the ultimate luxury and everyone’s dream. Below given are few simple tips and techniques you could incorporate in your apartment to make it look more airy and spacious:

    1. In-wall Cupboards

    Most of the apartment builders are now offering this exquisite smart interior concept. Instead of buying a cupboard separately, having a cupboard built skilfully within the wall partitions gives your room ample space. It not only gives architectural detailing to the wall but also adds to the vertical space as well.

    2. Right Furniture

    Picking the right furniture according to your apartment space is vital. For an instance, L-shaped sofas or sofa sets with legs exposed rather than the box models do not crank up much space and gives a better feel to the ambiance. Also for the dining, it’s recommended to go for a round table rather than the usual ones so that it doesn’t obstruct much space. Lesser the space the furniture uses more the better.

    3. Lighter Shades for the Rooms

    Painting with lighter shades for your apartment will impart a fresh and airy feel. Different shades of white, pink, blues etc. will help reflect natural light more effectively making the room look brighter. Using accessories that are slightly brighter than the walls but almost from the same colour family will make the rooms look more spacious as well.

    4. Natural Light

    Making the maximum use of the available natural light is the best solution for spacious interiors. Not only does it impart an exquisite charm to your ambiance but also makes your apartment look more spacious. Do not try to block the windows, also organize your furniture such that it highlights your windows.

    5. Mirrors

    Placing the mirrors at right places in your apartment will surprise you with the impact it bestows. For an instance, setting up a mirror in proportion with a huge window, will help reflect the view or natural light better, giving an impression of large open and airy space.

    6. De-clutter

    Clutter is never good. Whether you store, toss, donate, or get rid of your unwanted things, make sure your home is clear and clean. Also, make sure you vacuum or clean the whole apartment frequently and dust-off your furniture regularly.

    7. Right Decor

    Adding too many decorative elements to your living space will look offbeat and strange. Best would be to have one or two perfectly fitting elements to your home. For an instance, any antique pieces as the center of attraction or having a big art piece that illustrates bold and cool colours will give your apartment a grand look and make the space look bigger.

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