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  • 7 Reasons Why Property Buying Is More Benefitable Than Staying On Rent
    September 18, 2018

    Owning a home is the most happiest feeling in the world. For some, it’s a sense of comfort, for some it’s a sense of security and to others, it is a symbol of status and accomplishment. There are still many who live in dilemma of whether to stay on rent or to purchase a home.

    Here are few benefits of owning a home over living on rent –


    Being yourself is best felt at home!
    If you’re purchasing a home, you’re actually providing your family and dear ones their own little space to do anything. Returning to home after a long day of work, your own space is something that gives you less stress and offers a sense of security and comfort that is irreplaceable.


    Staying in a property for rental is an expenditure that would often make you compromise and adjust on many things in life. However, having a home of your own will make sure you’re living a life full of freedom.


    You and only you are in control of your home. Any decisions it is for an example you want to fit or add something new to your home, neither do you have to ask your landlord nor wait for his permission.


    If you’re buying a property on housing loan, your loan interest repayments will fetch you attractive tax benefits unlike the monthly rental you pay to your landlord.


    Best part of owning a home is that you have an asset of your own. Infact, you can save the money which you pay rent every month and actually pay the loan EMI thereby building your own asset over time.


    Unlike yesteryears, buying a dream home is now easier. You have got ample number of easy finance options which will make you a proud home owner in your younger age itself. All you got to do is to select an apt home loan lender who can offer you flexibility in managing your home loan repayment.


    Owning a home is always considered as a symbol of accomplishment and success.

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