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  • 7 Simple Ways for a Vastu Compliant Home
    November 21, 2018

    vastu friendly home - flats and apartments in Calicut

    From directions used for each sections of a home to placing different elements/things at the right spots, Vastu Shastra perfectly delineates how we can encourage positive energy in our home. Here are few simple guidelines to help you have a Vastu compliant home, without having a major change in the layout of the space –

    1. Clutter Free

    Making your space clean is the perfect way to positivity. Clear off things that haven’t been used for a long time and arrange the other required elements in a perfect order. This will not only make your room look spacious and positive but also would get rid of the bad energy. Last but not least, Dust your home regularly.

    2. Furniture

    Its recommended to place heavy furniture towards the west and south walls but not touching them. Avoid placing the furniture under the beam since it may cause stress. Also, it’s advised to go for the only furniture that’s rectangular or square shaped.

    3. Electrical Items

    Its recommended to place the AC or cooler in the West while TV’s position should be in the South-east corner. Whatever represents fire (for example, elements like fireplace) should be in the South-east direction.

    4. Bedroom

    Private and personal spaces like a bedroom should be painted in soothing colours. One should ensure that there are no mirrors placed facing the bed. Also, having few pictures that reflects happiness quotient will make the environment positive.

    5. Ring Bells

    The little tinkling of the bells is not only sweet to hear but also helps in the inflow of positive energy. Hanging few metal bells or chimes at the door and balcony will help spread positivity in the home.

    6. Water body

    Having a water body in the South East corner of the living room is recommended. You can either place an aquarium or even just a bowl of water to bring in positive energy and prosperity.

    7. Medicines

    Tablets, syrups etc. should never be kept in the kitchen since it attracts negative energy. Better place would be keeping it in a cabinet in the living room.

    Following these simple steps, you can make your abode a positive and stress-free zone. This not only makes a difference in your quality of living but also will be a blessing for your family.

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