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  • 8 Simple Tricks for Cleaning Your Apartment Bathroom
    September 26, 2019

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    One of the busiest spots in your apartment, the bathroom is also the place which gets murkier like any other. And cleaning it is always a tough task, but the job has to be done.
    Here are few simple tips and tricks to clean your apartment bathroom in an effective manner –

    1. Get spotless bathroom tiles

    Use toothpaste as a scrub to remove grease and grim from bathroom tiles. This method is also good to brush away those stains of rust on commodes, tubs and sinks.

    2. Clean the Ceiling

    To clean it easily, fill a mop bucket with equal parts of water and white vinegar. Dip a sponge mop (a long-handled one) into the solution, squeeze it out and reach up to clean one section of the ceiling at a time.

    3.Toilet cleaning made easy

    Antacid Tablets: Drop 2 antacid tablets into the bowl, let them dissolve for about 20 minutes, then scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. One can use a Vitamin C tablet which will do the trick as well. Even mouthwash is a perfect toilet bowl cleaner which helps your toilet to regain back its former porcelain white color. All you need to do is pour a quarter cup of the mouthwash into the toilet, let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes, and scrub away.

    4. Spotless Bathroom mirror

    Can you imagine Black tea being a solution for a spotless mirror? Well, combine a cup of boiling water with a few bags of black tea, let it cool, and use the resulting solution to clean your cloudy mirror.

    5. Make glass shower doors sparkle

    Use Shaving cream for this! Squeeze the foam on the glass shower doors and wipe clean with a dry rag; the foam will leave a film that keeps the door from fogging and makes it harder for scum to stick.

    6. Coffee Aura

    Keep the coffee powder in a bowl, it will leave a refreshing caffeine smell in the bathroom.

    7. De-fog your mirror with soap

    To prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up post-shower, simply rub a bar of soap on it, then use a cloth to gently rub it in. So simple. So brilliant.

    8. Make your sink glow with baby oil

    Dash a small amount of baby oil onto a cloth and use it to clean the chrome fixtures in your Apartment bathroom. You can surely see the faucets and showerheads shine.