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  • A Brief Guide on Carpet Area, Built-Up Area and Super Built-Up Area
    June 13, 2018

    A Brief Guide on Carpet Area, Built-Up Area and Super Built-Up Area

    Apartments and flats are priced on the basis of area or square foot by builders and developers. The 3 major ways of calculating the area include carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area. A prospective buyer should be aware about the types of built-up areas available to ensure that the he is getting the best deal out of the home buying process.

    Here is a brief guide regarding these area calculations.

    Carpet Area

    This is the area inside an apartment which excludes the thickness of the inner walls. Carpet area is the actual area which can be used in an apartment and does not cover common areas like lobby, lift, stairs, play area, etc. So, when buying a house, it is advised to look for the carpet area which will give an idea about the actual space inside. It will also help understand the usable area in the living room,
    bedroom and kitchen.

    Built-up area

    It adds the wall area which is the thickness of the inner walls to the carpet area. Built-up area also includes the dry balcony and flower beds which constitutes 10% of the built-up area, while the wall area adds about 20% to it. Therefore, only the rest 70% can be considered as the usable area from the built-up area.

    Super built-up area

    Super built-up area is calculated by adding up the built-up area with the common areas that include the corridor, lift and lift lobby, etc. Some developers also include amenities like the pool, garden and clubhouse to what that is considered as the common area. It is also known as the saleable area, as a builder will charge the buyer based on

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