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  • A Safety Guide To Paint Your Home
    June 10, 2017

    A Safety Guide to Paint Your Homes in calicut

    The role of paints on your mood and thought process is so important that you often spent a good amount of time to decide on your colour palette.  Keeping apart such subtle elements, have you ever wondered about the health aspects of the paints that you use in your home? Paints do have some impact on your health, VOCs present in paints can cause headache and dizziness in you. VOCs or Volatile Organic Components, as its name indicates are solvents that evaporates as the paint dries. The following are 4 things that you should keep in mind while you paint your house.

    1. Understand the 2 basic types of paint

    Paints for your home are mainly of 2 types: Water based and Solvent Based. Water based paints constitute a major part in residential painting purposes. They contain lower levels of VOCs which means lower toxic emission, they quickly dry up and can be easily cleaned with water. Because of these reasons, water based paints are always recommended for painting indoors. Solvent based paints give you the benefit of a glossy finish and good levelling, but they contain more amount of VOCs or the toxic elements which ideally gets evaporated by the time the paint dries. Solvent based paints are used for painting furniture and the exteriors.

    2. While painting your home

    Always read the directions written on the label carefully, they might have instructions which you might not be aware of. Ventilation needs after painting, ways of protecting your skin, how to paint could be some of the instructions given, which you shall never overlook. Generally speaking, freshly painted areas require plenty of ventilation for you need to force the fumes escape from your room. Take care of your skin and eyes as well while you paint or while you monitor the painting works for your skin would easily absorb the chemicals. Wear full sleeves, gloves and masks while you are around painting areas.

    3. Not everyone shall go near freshly painted rooms

    Pregnant women and children with breathing troubles should avoid going near freshly painted areas. The fumes from paints are said to cause birth defects, thus carrying women are advised to stay away from the places where painting happens.

    4. Storing and disposing the paints

    Oil/ solvent based paints pose a threat of fire, their labels would mostly read ‘Warning: Inflammable’. Therefore, avoid any possibility of heat, flame or spark near the place of storing such paints. Also, keep them sealed (lest the paint might dry up) in a cool place but avoid moist (moisture can rust the cans). While disposing the paint, never throw the cans to the garbage as such for they are hazardous to the environment too. Let the water based paints dry before they are thrown to the trash. Solvent based paints need a little more care, hence it’s recommended to take them to recycling centres.

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