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  • 3 Basic Tips For Designing An Entertainment Room
    March 27, 2018

    3 Basic Tips For Designing An Entertainment Room

    The entertainment room in a house or apartment should be an ideal place to relax and spend quality time with family. Both technology and design play major roles in setting up the ambience of an entertainment room.

    Here are 3 basic tips to follow to set up a dedicated entertainment space in your home.

    1. Equipment

    For an immersive movie experience, urban homes now include home theatre with state-of the art sound systems or large projectors with screen in the entertainment room. Reclining chairs or other comfortable seating options like plush sofa sets are also added. But, it is always best not to cram the room with heavy furniture.

    2. Design

    The room is mostly given warm and dark colours to facilitate the best viewing experience. Along with the design, the acoustics of the room should be given equal importance to ensure good sound quality and to achieve the right decibel levels.

    3. Lighting

    Recessed lighting that can be dimmed or turned off is a great option for an entertainment room. Mood lighting synchronized with music is also experimented on for an immersive experience. Lights on the ceiling that mimics the starry sky can also be added for a relaxed ambiance.

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