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  • How To Choose Between A City And Suburbs For Property Investment
    March 16, 2018

    How To Choose Between A City And Suburbs For Property Investment

    Buying a home involves making many major decisions and of these, choosing between a city and a suburb home is considered of great importance as it is a key factor which decides the future of the investment while also ensuring convenient living.

    Here are few factors to consider while making the choice between a city and suburban home.

    End use

    Be it for a long term investment or for immediate occupancy, a city home and a suburban home both have their benefits. Ready-to-occupy properties will be in abundant in urban areas, while for a long term investment, a suburban house’s value will increase considerably over the years.

    Rate of appreciation

    City homes enjoy much faster rate of appreciation than a suburban home, but they are considerably costly too. However, developmental projects that extend to surburbs due to the lack of space in metros have also started to enjoy good appreciation values recently.

    Proximity to workplace

    Homes closer to workplace are the choice for many homebuyers due to the considerable time reduction in daily commutes. City homes hold the advantage here, but for buyers who wish to come back home to a quiet life after a hectic day, suburban homes make a great option.

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