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  • Tips To Maintain Different Types Of Wooden Flooring
    April 11, 2018

    Tips To Maintain Different Types Of Wooden Flooring

    Wooden flooring is a popular choice for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. It provides a warm and inviting look while also complementing the interior décor. Even though it is a common choice, maintaining a wooden flooring requires much time and effort.

    Here are some easy and effective methods to help maintain a wooden flooring.

    Wooden floors with coating

    Wooden floorings that are coated with a hard wearing sealant to protect the wood material is considered as furnished wood floors. As these are already water proof and stain proof, washing the floor with mild detergent is enough to clean them. But, excessive use of water should be avoided to avoid decaying of wood.

    Wooden floors with matte surface

    Lightly finished or unfinished floorings will have a matte floor surface. On these floors, water cannot be used as it will soak into the wood and deteriorate them. Vacuum cleaning and dry mopping are the best ways to keep these clean. Applying special waxes to cover the affected area is also advised.

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