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  • Top 4 Trends In Home Design To Watch Out For In 2018
    January 18, 2018

    Top 4 Trends In Home Design To Watch Out For In 2018

    Interior design is considered of utmost importance as it determines the overall appeal and ambience inside a home. Home design trends tend to change every now and then and most home owners prefer to be updated while designing or upgrading their homes. Both decorative elements and utilitarian facilities face changes and upgrades to incorporate contemporary trends that arise in the market.

    Following are 4 home design trends to look out for in 2018.

    1. Rich and warm hues

    Colours of warmer shades and earthly hues are considered to replace neutral hues inside the home. These colours add a rich appeal, while also setting a welcoming ambience in the home. Also, warm wood tones along with other choices like white countertops and blue cabinets are believed to make the kitchen appear fresh, warm and inviting.

    2. Vintage lighting

    The old world charm of vintage interior lighting elements like sconce and chandeliers are deemed to make a strong come back this year. Pendant lights and small chandeliers are also much preferred options.

    3. Minimalist furnishing

    The contemporary trend is not to accommodate bulky furniture that takes up the much needed space. Be it the living room or bedroom, minimalist furnishings with soft fabrics and lively colours are the prevailing trend.

    4. Innovative tile patterns

    Traditional tiling patterns will have to make way for contemporary tiles that are designed to appear like that of wood, concrete or even fabric. Abundant in textures and patterns, the latest in tiling trend can add a unique appeal to the kitchen and bathroom.

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