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  • 5 Popular Home Decor Trends In Flats in Calicut, Kerala
    December 15, 2017

    5 Popular Home Decor Trends In Flats in Calicut, Kerala

    The immediate concern that follows the home buying process is the design and décor aspects. The interior design transforms a bare unit into a liveable space and thus is dealt with great importance while setting up a home. And the modern home buyers are keen to explore the emerging trends in home designing to incorporate the best décor in their homes.

    Here are 5 popular home decor trends in flats in calicut, kerala

    1. Earthy colours

    Earthy hues and tones are becoming increasing popular due to the warm and minimalist appeal they provide. Subtle shades like pistachio, olive, sand powdery pink, light blue, rust, terracotta, etc. are preferred for their calming effect as well as their ability to balance off neutral colours.

    2. Vitrified flooring

    The ease of maintenance, durability and price competitiveness has made vitrified tiling highly preferable over marble, granite and Italian tiles. Also, as vitrified tiles are manufactured with efficient quality control as opposed to naturally occurring marble and granite, it is trusted as a good quality tiling option.

    3. Woven accessories

    The earlier trend of vintage and faux jewel home accessories have now shifted to jute and woven home accessories. Woven materials and jute accessories add depth to the room while also retaining warmth especially during the winters. These are also reasonably priced than the other options.

    4. Compact furniture

    Compact and theme-based furniture are in trend as when compared to traditional bulky pieces, they offer the advantage of optimum space usage. Compact furniture is also designed as customised sets that fit well into the designated space in a modern apartment where space is premium.

    5. Faux finishes

    Faux materials have become highly preferable over the expensive authentic finishes and materials as they offer an affordable alternative to set up a contemporary appeal to the home. Artificial foliage, faux leather accessories, false ceilings, etc. are considered these days for a flawless urban home.

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