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  • 6 Tips To Care For Your Wooden Flooring
    August 16, 2017

    6 Tips To Care For Your Wooden Flooring

    The elegance and class of wooden floors cannot be substituted by any other type of flooring. Its magnificence is immense, so does it require good care. The following are 6 tips to take care of your wooden floors such that they remain brilliantly classy over time.

     1. Protect with area rugs

    Floor is the most roughly used part of any house and requires continuous cleaning and protection unlike any other area. Wooden floors are more easily prone to damage when compared with other options. The best way to protect wooden flooring is to use area rugs in those parts that you spend time more often, like your living room, kitchen and dining hall. Apart from safeguarding your floor, area rugs are one of best choices for interior décor as well.

     2. Vacuum weekly

    When it comes to wooden floors, vacuum cleaners are always the most recommended for there is practically no other means to perfectly remove dirt and fine debris from cracks and crevices of wooden floors. You may dust daily and vacuum clean your floors weekly to maintain them at their best.

     3. Protect from rain

    Water is something your wooden floors would never happily accept, instead it will ruin the finish and penetrate the floor developing stain. Thus always shield your floor against water and rain, close windows when there is a possibility of rain, place your interior plants in trays and wipe off any drop of water that you see around.

     4. Instant removal of dirt

    Pay attention to instantly remove dirt on your floor for they develop stains very quickly. Wipe off the spills on the floor immediately and use a no-wax wood cleaner to remove the residue. Avoid using water, vinegar, soap based and wax cleaners on your floor because all of these harm wooden floors up on frequent use.

     5. Soft walks

    Wooden floors are strong enough, but avoid using pointed heels on them as they can easily dent the surface.

     6. Furniture pads

    Similar to heels are furniture, their movements can cause abrasion to your wooden floors. Thus fix furniture pads on the legs of your sofa, chairs and all other furniture that are constantly rearranged in your home.

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