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  • Top 3 Benefits Of No Common Walls In Apartments
    November 6, 2017

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    Apartments are mostly constructed with common structural features on every floor. This sharing often creates a disturbance to inhabitants from their neighbors. One way out of this problem is to have no common wall sharing between apartments and to keep units as independent structures on each floor.


    Privacy is the first and foremost advantage that the absence of common walls offers. With no shared wall to transmit sound from one side to the other, inhabitants of each unit won’t have to suffer disturbances such as blaring TVs, loud music and noisy chit-chats from next door.

    2.Natural illumination

    The 3 open entry points that come with no common wall sharing lets in ample amount of sunlight for natural illumination inside the apartment. This also acts as an energy efficient option as there would not be any need of electrical light sources during the day which considerably reduces power consumption.


    The flow of air will not be interrupted through the 3 entry points. With the steady flow of air, the apartment will receive plenty of natural ventilation that keeps the temperature inside from soaring. Breezy days will be well accounted for in these units as usage of air conditioners will be cut down to a minimum which in turns reduces power consumption. The free flow of air also pushes out stale air from the insides and maintains a fresh ambiance.

    Ladder Kerala, one of the top builders of flats and apartments in Calicut, offers noise-free no-common wall sharing 3BHK apartments in their premium flagship project Ladder Mankav greens. Equipped with the best of modern living and designed according to international standards, these living spaces offer the ultimate bliss when it comes to residing in the lap of luxury.