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  • Brass In Home Décor – Tips And Maintenance
    July 1, 2018

    brass in home décor – tips and maintenance

    Brass artefacts and décor pieces incorporated in interior design beings about an ornamental appeal as well as an imperial touch to the home. A favourite for handcrafted objects, the metal imparts in the design an alluring bling and an interesting finish.

    Brass artefacts in décor
    Brass is used traditionally to make idols, puja accessories and utensils. Nowadays, brass is extensively used as a versatile source for a myriad of artefacts and artistic creations. Brass lamps, vases, wall clocks, baskets, tableware, etc. from different states are well-known décor items. Other popular items include metal partitions, jalli work, miniature display items, replicas, brass figurines, planters, candle stands, etc. The metal is also used in making fixtures for kitchen and bathroom, photograph frames as well as accents in furniture.

    Tips on displaying brass décor pieces
    The versatile appeal of brass makes it ideal for integrating heirloom pieces in vintage, modern, minimal and traditional decor. A combination of brass and wood appears sophisticated and hence furniture pieces with this combination can be experimented upon. Mirror frames, fancy vases, brass sinks or carved wall panels with brass are other creative options to include brass in the décor, while also not going overboard with a glitzy affair.

    Maintenance of brass items
    To retain the sheen and prevent tarnishing of the metal, it is recommended to polish them with a cotton ball soaked in a few drops of coconut oil. Using brass polishing agents also help retain the shine of brass décor pieces. It is also advised not to keep brass items in areas with humidity as it in speeds up the corrosion process.

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