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  • Check These Things Before You Take Possession of Your Flat
    July 23, 2018

    Check these things before you take possession of your flat

    You are finally nearing to enter your dream home. Make sure you check these things before you take possession to avoid any later confusion

    Amenities: The builder would have given a pool of amenities at the time of sale starting from Swimming pool, Club house, Health club, Childrens play area, and so on. Many at times after completion of the project, buyers or investors realise that builder has not provided all amenities as promised. Make sure you check your agreement to see the list of amenities and make sure each one is provided as per specification.

    Doors and windows: Ensure that your home has enough doors and windows for proper ventilation in all rooms, including bathroom and kitchen. Also don’t forget to check all the sliding door/windows work smoothly.

    Painting: Painting is something which needs to be checked before taking possession. Check if all walls have double coat. Also, exterior painting should be complete along with window and balcony grills.

    Cracks: Do a thorough check if there is any crack in the foundation, ceilings or in walls. Especially between electrical sockets.

    Drainage outlets: One of the most vital thing you need to check before the possession!! Blocked outlets are a mess. Check and make sure all Drainage outlets such as balcony, bathroom, kitchen, utility, etc. are working and not clogged.

    Leakages: Check for all bathroom fittings are as per specification. Check the working of taps and bathroom fittings. Ensure there is no leakage when opening or switch on taps. Check water flow from kitchen, bedrooms, and hall. Check whether the slopes are given properly so that water is completely getting drained out

    Switches / plug-points: Make sure that all the sockets, plugs, bulb holder are properly working and is connected to main supply. Also check if main fuse in the house is controlling complete current supply Check if all switches and plug-points are working.

    Measure size of room: It’s better to be sure about the measurements. Ensure that all rooms, living room, kitchen and bathrooms are of the same size as mentioned in the contract

    Safety guidelines: Ensure that your building is constructed according to the safety rules.

    Possession letter: Now you have reached the most important part. Once you are done with the inspection of all amenities, size of rooms as per the contract, it is time for taking possession of your flat. Some of the important documents you should carefully evaluate are; Blueprint, NOC, Possession letter, Payment Receipt etc.

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