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  • How to Choose the Best Bank for Your Home Loan
    May 21, 2018

    How to choose the best bank for your home loan.

    When home loans have become the most feasible option to finance a home today, banks offer a myriad of schemes and benefits to allure the prospective home buyer. While choosing the bank for a loan requirement, adequate research should be done on the bank’s policies, interest rates and the loan process to ensure that you avail the maximum benefits.

    Here are some tips to follow while choosing the best bank for a home loan

    Fixed or floating interest rates
    This is one among the important factors to consider while availing a home loan. The type of interest rate will help you calculate how much you would be repaying every month as EMI. It is advised to choose fixed rate for short term loans and floating rates for long term loans.

    Hidden costs involved
    The terms associated with the loan should be clearly communicated to you by the bank and should educate you regarding all the costs involved including the legal charges, prepayment charges, valuation charges, franking fees, processing fee and other hidden costs.

    Loan process
    Check on their loan process and analyse how much time they would require to verify the credentials of the builder and sanction the loan. Also ensure that the bank does an exhaustive review regarding your loan eligibility and other conditions involved, as this proves they follow a robust process that does not leave any loophole which may become troublesome for you in the future.

    NPA percentage
    It is also vital to check on the quality of loans disbursed by the bank by determining the percentage of their NPA or non-performing asset. If a bank has a higher NPA, it means that they haven’t chosen the right customer for loan services.

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