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  • Choosing Between Marbles and Vitrified Tiles
    August 5, 2017

    Choosing Between Marbles and Vitrified Tiles for flats and apartments in calicut

    Choosing between Marbles and Vitrified Tiles is a common confusion amongst all home buyers. While marbles traditionally occupy a classy position in our minds, the variety designs and low cost of vitrified tiles have made it popular in recent times.

    Here is a look at the pros and cons of using marbles and vitrified tiles.

     1. Composition

    Marble is a naturally occurring stone made of limestone which is mostly very soft and thus not much resistant to abrasion. Since they are natural, they don’t highly resist acids and would lead to stains if proper care is not taken. At the same time, marbles can be polished to even a mirror finish, they feel so good under one’s feet and has a very elegant look making them a premium choice of all home buyers.

    On the other hand, vitrified tiles are artificially made to fit the flooring convenient for our use. These tiles are non-porous such that they don’t absorb water or any liquid and hence, stain resistant. They come in a variety of designs giving you a plenty to choose from according to your style and resources available.

     2. Look

    Some people undoubtedly choose marble because of the opulent look and feel it gives. A floor adorned with a well finished marble flooring has a luxurious appearance, similar to those royal palaces that you see in historic places.

    At the same time, tiles are also being increasingly made available in different varieties and finishes, both glossy and matt. Tiles can be chosen from a very broad range of colours, designs and prints to create your own design and feel.

     3. Installation

    Extra care should be taken while you spread marbles for they are quite soft and more susceptible to damage like cracks and breakage. Due to its heaviness and size, only people skilled in the work can handle marbles and it requires a polish after the flooring is complete. Because of its porous nature, proper sealants also have to be used while flooring to avoid stains. Vitrified tiles come in small pieces, they can be installed easily, with less effort. Also, they require no polishing after installation saving a lot of time and effort.

     4. Cost

    Needless to say, marbles are little too much expensive as they are naturally occurring stones. Not just in their purchase, their installation and polishing would also burn a hole in your pocket. Vitrified tiles are artificially made and there are so many varieties available such that you can choose them according to your budget. Their installation is also an easy task consuming less labour and time.

     5. Maintenance

    Floors everywhere inside the house is mostly likely to be roughly used and is a place of frequent abrasions and scratches. Therefore, appropriate maintenance is required for your floors to make them stay new for longer durations. Marbles easily absorb water and other liquids and gets easily stained, thus you need to make sure that nothing of these sort spill on your elegant marble floor. Time to time polishing is also necessary for marbles to maintain its lustre and gloss. Vitrified tiles for that matter are very easy to maintain, they don’t get stained easily nor do they require periodical polishing. Normal cleaning would keep your vitrified tile flooring clean and shining throughout.

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