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  • 6 Tips to Cool Your Home in the Summer
    May 14, 2018

    6 tips to cool your home in the summer

    The summer is upon us and this is the time we find safe refuge in our homes to escape the scorching heat of the outdoors. And if the home is not equipped to maintain a comfortable temperate inside, relaxing indoors in the hot sunny days will not be a leisurely option.

    Follow the below tips to keep your homes cooler this summer

    1. Lighter colours
    Lighter colours on the walls, curtains and furnishings make the interiors comfy in the summer. Shades such as whites and creams help spread the sunshine inside the home, while also making the space appealing.

    2. Minimal lighting
    With the harsh sunlight outside, it is advisable to keep the lighting inside minimal for preventing the room from getting warm and to make use of the ample natural light for illumination as well.

    3. Summer flooring
    When summer is at its peak, get rid of those dark and heavy woven carpets and replace with plastic carpets to prevent a heat and humidity from staying inside the house.

    4. Cooling water
    Incorporate water indoors through small fountains or artefacts to keep the home cool while also setting the prefect ambience to relax and unwind.

    5. Indoor plants
    Placing some plants and greenery inside the home will help sustain a cooling atmosphere while also making the space welcoming.

    6. De-clutter
    The hot and humid setting of the summer does not call for crammed up clutter that will ride up the temperature and create a suffocation. Be it the furniture or d├ęcor, less is more during sunny days.

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