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  • How to Create Zones for Better Space Utilisation in Your Homes
    May 10, 2018


    how to create zones for better space utilisation in your homes

    The latest buzzword in interior designing is zoning. Creating smaller spaces in larger areas and dividing them according to usage and accessibility is known as zoning. The extra capacity made though zoning is for better utilisation of space according to multiple needs and requirements.

    Below Listed Are Some Effective Tips For Creating Zones In Your House

    Lights can be used to create zoning effects by employing different lights to bring in visual breaks in the room. Feature light installed above the dining table will separate the dining space from the living room, while a combination of soft and bright light can employed in the living room and dining area for creating a double room impression.

    Using 2 different colours help makes zones in larger spaces. A colour similar to the one of kitchen can be used in the dining area to associate it with kitchen area, while giving a different colour to the living room which is adjacent to it. Different colours are often used to signify different purposes like green for relaxation, yellow for joy, etc.

    It is one of the easiest ways to create zones and to segment two or three spaces. For example, one can add a couch and a table lamp beside it in the bedroom to relax and unwind. Seating arrangements in different shapes like placing sofa sets to make a square, etc. are other options to segment spaces.

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