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  • Decor Trends That Are Gaining Popularity in 2018
    June 17, 2018

    Decor Trends

    Interior décor trends tend to change with the due course of time and being updated to the latest fad in the market ensures a contemporary outlook for the home. As we are half way through 2018, let’s look into the décor trends that re gaining much followers this year.

    Sustainable designs

    Eco-friendly design is the in thing nowadays and also is the need of the hour. When facing the challenge of limited resources and the dire need for reducing the impact on nature, inclusion of biodegradable green elements in décor is the smart way to go about it. Solar panels, energy saving devices, vertical gardens, terrace gardens and natural and biodegradable materials are gaining much popularity these days.

    Style melange

    Different objects and various styles are brought together in stark contrast as a unique approach in interior décor. Art pieces, chandeliers, artefacts and sculptures are blended together in the modern backdrop for a contemporary setting.

    Dark tones

    Dark themes and colours are no more considered unacceptable in interior décor as the new times usher in a fresh approach towards deep hues. Neutral colours now include shades of grey, while accents are brought in using pink, green, blue, violet and turquoise. In a fusion of conventional and contemporary décor trends, metal accessories and various metallic decorating techniques are highly favoured.

    Desi touch

    Contemporary approach doesn’t necessarily mean the exclusion of Indian crafts and furniture in new age décor. To infuse a desi touch, there is an increase in the use of indigenous crafts, furniture and textiles. Handmade products with rich ethnical influences are now heavily incorporated in modern designs.

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