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  • 3 Decorating Tips for A Kid’s Room
    April 27, 2018


    Decorating a kid’s room is an exciting affair, but also one that needs specific attention as a child’s room also serves the purpose of being a creative space that promotes mental growth and key skills. From the furniture to the colour of the walls to the arrangement, everything should be done according to the child’s preference to make it his own space.

    Here are some decorating tips and advises on setting up a kid’s room.

    1. Focus on a theme
    Select a theme according to the child’s preference before deciding the décor. This will help choose decorative elements, designs and wall colours that are in sync with each other. Themes on Disney, princesses, superheroes, race cars, sports, jungle, etc. are favourite of children.

    2. Colour
    Gone are the days of using pink for girls and blue for boys. Neutral shades are in trend now with matching shades available for the furnishing. Bringing out fun and joy in the colours are key in decorating a kid’s room. Solid colours, colour splashes or vibrant colour patterns according to the theme can be selected.

    3. Organise
    A kid’s room is his playroom, study room as well as his bedroom. Because of this multifunctional need, the space should be used smartly and kept clutter-free. Make a corner his study area with tables and chair, book shelves, while choosing another one for play with toy shelves and play mats. Storage can be sorted out with bins under the bed or cabinets in the corners.


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