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  • Digital Platforms For Real Estate Marketing
    October 6, 2018

    real estate marketing - apartments in calicut


    In the era of digital marketing, developers and builders are keen on delivering all information related to property purchase on the consumer’s computer devices or smartphones. Embracing the digital media has also widened the reach and encouraged more and more purchase decisions.

    Listed below are some of the effective digital mediums used by developers to inform prospective buyers.

    • Social Media
    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are extensively used by real estate brands to provide information in the form of engaging content. An advantage of social media is that along with disseminating information on new projects, design and architecture trends and are-specific real estate watch, it also acts as a platform for feedback to encourage interactive communication between the builder and consumer.

    • Company website
    It is essentially a platform in which the builder provides complete information regarding the upcoming projects. From site specifications to construction stage to delivery dates to customer testimonials, websites are enriched with the brand information. Supporting online enquiries, websites also enable the potential customer to make a purchase through it. An immersive experience through videos and pictures are also assured.

    • Blogs
    People interested in real estate also engage in offhand online searches for possible content. Customers also search for real estate content related to a certain area specific builder or within a price range. Publishing blogs containing this information is an effective technique to be part of these searches. Blogs are also beneficial for enhancing the search engine rankings of real estate websites.

    • Real estate videos
    Videos help provide the prospective buyer with an immersive experience regarding the property which encourages a buying decision. Videos also offer more storytelling opportunities for the real estate brand to explain about their projects. And when compared to the old-school TV commercials, broadcasting videos through platforms like YouTube or other social media is cheaper too.

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