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  • 4 Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas for Sustainable Living
    May 8, 2018

    Eco-friendly decor ideas for sustainable living

    Sustainable development is making a significant presence in real estate through eco-friendly construction, green living concepts and effective waste management services. Going green in all facets of living is another smart practice that one can adopt to make a difference for the planet. Incorporating eco-friendly and green ideas in the home décor is an effective idea to introduce the concept of green living at home.

    Check out these eco-friendly décor ideas for your home

    1. Green materials
    Using eco-friendly materials like recycled glass, engineered wood and marble, terracotta, porcelain, coir and coir sheets, wool, cotton, etc. in décor is advised as a green living practice. Other nature-friendly ideas for décor include wall coverings made of recycled or natural fibres, non-toxic natural dyes, insulation panels made of sustainable materials, reclaimed stone or bamboo flooring etc.

    2. Recycled products
    Décor items made from discarded or recycled products are highly regarded in contemporary interior design. Recycled products such as lamps, mirrors, frames, furniture and statement décor items are highly popular for supporting sustainable décor.

    3. Eco-friendly glass
    Energy-efficient options in glass and windows are effective not only for optimally utilising natural light and proper insulation but also is an eco-friendly option. These are also available in a variety of designs so as to maintain the style quotient of the décor.

    4. Bio-degradable gardening pots
    Pots made of bio-degradable materials like coir, straw, newspaper pulp, wood fibre or terracotta help stay true to the concept of going green even while bringing greenery to the indoors.

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