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  • Emerging Ceramic Trends To Watch Out For In The Coming Year
    November 3, 2018


    ceramic decor trends - flats and apartments in calicut

    Ceramic is the most preferred flooring options for apartments and houses alike these days. And as different kind of tiles are available varying in colour and texture, there are new designs emerging every day.

    Here are some of the upcoming ceramic trends to watch out for in 2019

    Light colour marble
    A simple and sober flooring may provide a higher aesthetic appeal with ease. Using light coloured marble is also a trend that will not die out soon. Upholding simplicity, these are versatile home décor options that can be employed in most themes.

    Abstract design
    Tiles featuring abstract design promote the idea of open-mindedness. These bring in a fresh appeal to the décor while also being a preferred choice for wall tiles. Abstract designs will not feature a homogenous texture, as it portrays a different look when viewed from any angle.

    Tile deco
    Tiles with traditional deco promote a classic look to any space. Also available with a modern touch, these are considered for both wall tiles and bathroom tiles. Tile deco is one of the best options to show that one prefers traditional and classy designs.

    Watercolour design
    The latest wall designs of 2019 is slated to feature watercolour designs that may bring in a lot of nostalgia. From paintings to smokey designs to old-school, watercolour designs are available in an ample number of options.

    Multicolour design
    For homeowners who love colours, multicolour designs are a vibrant décor option for their houses. Representing happiness and openness of the people, multicolour designs are all set to become the rave in the upcoming year. The design can be employed for both wall tiles and bathroom tiles.

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