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  • How to Ensure Your Child’s Happiness in Apartments
    May 23, 2018


    how to ensure your child’s happiness in apartments

    When on the lookout for the perfect apartment for your family, along the requirement of the whole family, your child’s needs should also be considered to offer them a nurturing home in their growth phase.

    Here are some important points for the checklist to ensure your child’s happiness while living in apartments.


    The apartment complex should have round the clock security system with security personnel, monitored entry and exit to the complex, CCTV surveillance, etc. to assure the safety of the child when they move around in the complex.


    Ensure that the location of the apartment has close proximity to educational institutions, day-care centres, etc. so that all the conveniences required for your child is closer to home.

    Kids play zone

    Dedicated play areas for kids should be available in the apartment complex to ensure an active lifestyle as well as to promote interaction with other kids. Children’s play areas help your child for physical, cognitive, social as well as emotional wellbeing.

    Indoor games

    Just like the kids zone, facilities for games like table tennis, caroms, chess, badminton, basketball, etc. will promote play and leisure even during the rainy days.

    Kids pool

    Apart from the large swimming pool, a kids pool should also be provided to encourage swimming from a young age. Along with being a good exercise session, the pool also offers a fun spot for leisure and water play.

    Large open space

    Children don’t like to be restricted to crammed up spaces. Ensure that the apartment includes ample open spaces where they can run, play and move freely. Being able to engage in active play also keeps the child happy and healthy.

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