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  • Factors A Nuclear Family Should Consider During Home Search
    January 16, 2018

    Factors A Nuclear Family Should Consider During Home Search

    The preference on nuclear families over joint families by the contemporary society has also impacted the modern real estate. Priorities of home buyers have been redefined in terms of property size, neighbourhood, social infrastructure and facilities.

    Below listed are 5 key factors that a nuclear family should consider during home search.

    1. Healthy environment

    The modern home buyer prefers a clean and pollution-free environment as surroundings since the wellbeing of children is given a strong focus along with that of the entire family. Availability of parks and playgrounds in the complex is highly preferred to ensure a healthy growing experience for the children.

    2. Security

    Families in which parents leave for work leaving behind children or elderly, security is considered of utmost importance. Implementation of round-the-clock security and surveillance system has become mandatory in many projects owing to the aforesaid reason.

    3. SpaceĀ utilization

    A well designed unit with optimum utilization of space is a favourite among nuclear families. Compact and space-efficient apartments meet the requirements of most nuclear families, while also being a worthy investment.

    4. Proximity to workplace

    The rise in traffic congestions and the long commute hours are forcing more and more families to settle near workplace. While considerably reducing the travel time, homes closer to workplace will also help save transportation costs.

    5. Future upgrades

    Possibilities for upgrading in the future is also an important factor to consider while searching for a home. The property should be able to facilitate future upgrades during the course of time in case of increase of family members or during the growth of children.

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