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  • Checklist of Things to Consider Before Investing in Flats in Calicut
    September 9, 2019


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    Homebuyers choose prime locations for their homes and now, they have turned to buy flats in Calicut, the urban coastline city of Kerala! It has become the most favorite residential hub as it comes with all required social infrastructures and sound development plans. With plenty of leading builders in Calicut offering flats and apartments at the best prices with an array of finest amenities and facilities, making the right investment decision could be quite a task.


    Below listed are some of the key things to be noted before investing in flats in Calicut:


    1. Location

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    The primary factor to be considered while investing in a home is its location. While making a property investment, check for all factors regarding the locality such as accessibility to main roads, connectivity to basic services like schools, hospitals, banks, etc. Conduct thorough research of the location and its neighboring areas to take a wise decision.


    1. Safety

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    Your home should be a place for leisure that answers all your concerns regarding safety and security. Quality flats in Calicut would be equipped with modern security systems like CCTV, home security system, and also 24×7 surveillance security personnel to ensure the safety of its residents.


    1. Amenities

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    Amenities are one of the factors that add up to the total value of flats. In this fast-paced life, people prefer having basic amenities, all under a single roof. Thus, projects that are equipped with world-class wellness, health and recreational amenities that fulfill the needs and wants of its residents should be given more preference.


    1. Quality of construction
    builders in calicut

    Site engineer on a construction site

    Ensure that you check the overall quality of the property’s construction. Check for the quality of materials used, in and outside the project; the size of the apartment including details like carpet area and super built-up area; and layout of the site in person to ensure that all details mentioned to the homebuyer by the builder is genuine, legal and accurate.


    1. Builder

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    With plenty of builders in Calicut offering residential projects, it is always better to verify the builder before taking the final call. Do an extensive verification of the builder about their past and current projects, testimonials from customers or you can get details from online real estate forums as well.


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