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  • Here are 5 Effective Modern Hacks to Make a Smaller Kitchen Look Big
    July 18, 2018

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    Modular kitchens are all the rage in urban homes due to the practical convenience it offers as well as the sophisticated appeal. However, the rising demands for flats and apartments in the city have resulted in space constraints inside the units which have led to reducing a considerable amount of space in the kitchen. But with smart organizational techniques and storage hacks, space optimization can be effectively carried out in a kitchen.

    Here are 5 effective modern hacks to make a smaller kitchen look big.

    Hidden pantry

    The gaps between appliances like the fridge and the wall can be utilized to add a pull-out pantry or a small storage cabin for herbs and
    spices or racks for organizing cups and glasses.

    Wall-mounted furniture

    A foldable table or one that is mounted on the wall is efficient in space-saving than standalone ones in the middle of the room. Another
    advantage of these is that it needs to be taken out only when in need and can be tucked away when not in use.

    Island counter

    Ideal for dining as well as for storage purpose, island counter is the trend nowadays. Available in wooden, marble or ceramic, island
    counters are effective for focusing on specific tasks like cooking or dining in a particular area of the kitchen, while providing space for
    other activities in other areas.

    Glass cabinets

    Glass cabinets are the easiest way to make the kitchen look bigger. It provides an illusion of depth while also offering an easy sneak peak
    to the contents inside. A pleasing look is another added advantage of glass cabinets.

    Ceiling-high kitchen cabinet

    Even though a conventional storage concept, ceiling-high kitchen cabinets are effective in making the walls look longer. It will also utilize
    the wall space in the best way possible to grant an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen.

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