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  • How Online Media Influences Real Estate
    June 12, 2018

    How Online Media Influences Real Estate
    The conventional home buying process which involves real estate agents and brokers have given way to a robust method through internet, e-commerce and online media. Internet has now become a versatile platform to showcase real estate and has tremendously simplified the buying, selling and renting processes.

    Following are the 5 ways in which online media has influenced the real estate experience.

    1. Myriad of options

    Internet presents before the prospective buyer a plethora of options in real estate according to his requirement and budget. A property search on a real estate portal will provide him with all the options available across different property types in various locations.

    2. Detailed information

    The websites will provide a comprehensive information regarding the property, locality and neighbourhood. From property photographs to virtual tour of the locality to the amenities and infrastructure available, every essential information will be provided with just a few clicks.

    3. Convenience

    With the online buying process, the hassles of searching for the perfect real estate agent has been reduced significantly. It has even helped amateurs and layman learn more about real estate and its investment options.

    4. Verified listings

    Property listings online are verified and are confirmed on their authenticity by portals to ensure transparency in the process and also to ensure that users receive the correct information.

    5. No discrepancies

    The transparency in the process and the availability of information ensures that there are no discrepancies and chances of fraud. The online procedure also restricts the role of brokers and agents who dominated real estate transactions.

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