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  • How Real Estate Has Changed Over Time
    August 2, 2018

    how real estate has changed over time

    The internet boom has been responsible for drastic changes in every industry that contributes to the economy. Real estate is one such sector that has been witnessing tremendous transformations due to the advent of technology.

    Here Is A Look Back At How Real Estate Has Changed Over Time

    Hottest asset
    Gone are the days when real estate purchase was solely for the purpose for building a house. With time, a change in approach is at large as real estate is considered as a hot investment option which brings in good returns. Investing in multiple properties has been the trend lately to garner good profits in the real estate market.

    Young buyers
    Real estate used to be the investment option for middle-aged veterans or retired professionals who would save their earnings after years of service. But these days, young professionals with high income have become the key players in the market eying the profits and with plans for the future.

    Modern buyers have moved out from the conventional purchase practice and are venturing into the online world for finding more about the market. From real estate portals to property websites and from computers to smartphones, technology has paved the way for accessing comprehensive information with just a few clicks.

    Buyer preferences
    Location was considered the priority among buyers as the goal was end usage for personal purposes, proximity to necessities was vital. However, modern buyers look for new age townships with integrated development solutions and most-modern amenities that offer convenient living. Readiness to invest even in growth corridors far away that is garnering interest in the market is another change in buyer preference.

    New-age buyers enter the market with sound knowledge about real estate and the processes involved. Along with a crisp knowledge in legal affairs and awareness of rights as buyers, modern buyers are adept at making successful investment decisions.

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