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  • How To Choose LED Lighting For Each Room
    April 20, 2018

    How To Choose LED Lighting For Each Room

    LED lights are highly regarded as a power-saving and energy-efficient alternative over CFLs and incandescent bulbs for household lighting. LED lights are also available in different designs incorporating futuristic interior d├ęcor ideas as well as latest lighting technologies.

    Here are some tips on how to choose the right LED lighting for each room in your house.

    Living room

    A place meant to receive guests and to spend time with family, the living room lighting should be welcoming. LED lights of warm white colour is a preferred choice, while using colour bulbs in decorative lamps are also advised. An accent light can also be provided in addition to the ambient light, to focus on an art piece or on furniture.


    Light should set a relaxing ambience, while also providing enough brightness. Overhead ambient lights as round or square ceiling panel lights are ideal. For reading, task lighting can be employed at the nightstands using special LED bulbs designed for reading.


    Add overhead ambient lights as general lighting and provide task lighting to illuminate counter space or kitchen cabinets. Dimmable overhead fixtures to highlight the kitchen design is ideal for setting the ambience as well. Recessed overhead lighting can also be provided in the kitchen.


    After using overhead ambient light to illuminate the room, provide lighting on either side of the mirror for a clear reflection in the mirror. Sensor activated lights are a practical option to light the cabinets under the basin or on the bathroom door.

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