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  • How to decorate your home this Christmas?
    December 8, 2019

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    Christmas is right around the corner and the excitement is in the air as households all over the world prepare for the festive occasion. Whether you’ve newly moved into an apartment or are a long-time resident looking for a way to brighten your interiors with something new, here are a few tips to lighten up your living room.
    Choosing the perfect tree
    The Christmas tree that you choose to liven up your living room appearance is no doubt the main attraction of any Christmas decoration.

    Whether you should go with a natural tree or an artificial one is entirely up to you. Although the fresh scent of a pine needle tree would be extremely refreshing and would add so much to the Christmas appearance of your decor, it doesn’t hurt to have a perfectly symmetrical artificial tree if you’re running low on time and are starting your preparations a bit late. It also helps if you’d rather not have to go through the same process of selecting a tree each year.

    Copper spirals to adorn your tree

    Totally unconventional yet completely worth it, strings of copper hanging from your Christmas tree give it a very fashionable look and simply adds to the glam.

    Light up your living room

    Once you’ve setttled on which type of tree works best for you, the next step is to focus on the lighting. There are endless options for you to choose from. You could hook all your miniature light sources to a single power source or use battery powered lights which you can simply let hang (a less complicated setup). The key here is to put up as many lights as you can to make your tree really shine. Try to include at least 50 miniature lights within every foot and a half.

    Pick a color scheme that matches your interior

    From lush looking-fabrics to curtains, banners and even confetti, try to color co-ordinate your Christmas decorations. If you’re more inclined to go the traditional route, combinations of red and gold or silver and green are more than enough to set the festive mood for your Christmas celebrations. However, if you don’t mind experimenting, you could mix it up a bit with some of the more unusual shades of color and ornament types that can be easily obtained in today’s marketplace.

    An oft-sugggested tip is to go with a contrasting color scheme that complements your interior shade. This is more than likely to catch your eye.

    Make the tree stand out

    Once you’ve decided what color scheme to use, you can now choose a bauble set and trinkets that match your core shade. Make sure to spread them evenly throughout the tree and branches. Some of the bauble sets come with a glitter and shine effect that give your tree a lustrous, glowing look during Christmas eve.

    Wrapping paper that matches the color scheme

    What’s under the tree matters just as much as what’s on it. So iIf you want your Christmas decorations to look really vibrant, use special wrapping paper for your gifts so that they complement your interior shades as well. This will also go well with the color co-ordinated ornaments spread out across the tree.

    Layers on top of layers for your dining room

    The major highlight of your dining room should be the dining table.Hang up a couple of oversized snowflakes. Setting your table with candles is also a nice way to go. It works even better when the candle-holders are gold in color. This can help bring out the opulet glow of the candlelight.

    A white table cloth sprinkled down the middle with flowers, greenery and candles is a great idea to make your table shine luminously during a Christmas dinner. However, if you’re feel like deviating from the traditional look of a Christmas setting, you could swap out the white tablecloth with a plaid blanket instead.

    To top it off, hang up a lengthy green garland over the mantlepiece to go well with the snowflakes.

    Decorating the hallway: bells over the banisters

    Its time to get those decorations spread out to the rest of your living space. From christmas wreaths to garlands and glittery ornaments, don’t leave anything out. You can drape them over the shelves, the mantelpieces and hang them on every nook and corner of unused space in your living room. SInce your hallway is the first thing your guests will see when they come over to your place, it is best to make sure that the doors and the halls are draped with garlands and wreaths to give them a warm and welcoming appearance.

    A garland or a simple wreath wouldn’t be enough for the banisters. A much better alternative would be to string a row of huge paper bells in lovely shades of red and white.

    A mini-christmas tree to freshen up your bedroom

    A chain of twinkling fairy lights should do the trick when it comes to making your guest room look festive. However,if you feel like doing something extra special you could also add a mini-christmas tree by the bedside table or the windowsill to make it look even more charming.

    You could also hang tiny little paper stars and snowflakes over your bed.

    Miniature models

    From tiny paper cones to silver pyramid-shaped toys, anything that resembles a Christmas tree works. So don’t be afraid to incorporate everyday ornaments into your Christmas decorations.


    Fresh citrus like oranges and lemons are great for dressing up your Christmas wreath. The more colors you add, the merrier it looks.

    Special Scents

    The appearance of your home isn’t the only thing that counts. Add sweet-smelling flowers and scented candles to evoke a seasonal atmosphere. From fresh-baked cookies that offer a delight to your senses to cinnamon-scented pinecones and coffee cups set on your mantlepiece,Christmas is a time for you to add a subtle fragrance to your living space.

    Exciting exteriors

    There’s nothing like adding a bit of excitement to your exteriors by draping the windows and the balconies with a bunch of garlands. You could also hang up a few large stars and twinkling trinkets to give it a nightly glow.

    Purple to replace red

    It might seem like an unusual choice but using deep purple flowers in place of the overused red would make it a lot more interesting.

    What makes decorating your home for Christmas so special?

    The best part about decorating your home for Christmas is you get to add a personal touch to it. You can use toys, trinkets and other personal ornaments to decorate your tree to make it all about you. Artifacts that hold a special place in your heart such as a random scribble made by your toddler child, a gift from your daughter and just about anything that has personal value to you can become a part of the decoration.

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