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  • How To Dress Up The Blank Walls In Your House
    July 19, 2018

     how to dress up the blank walls in your house - apartments in calicut

    Bare walls strip the interiors of an appealing ambience and cast a plain look to the decor. Decorating the walls in the home gives a touch of vibrancy to the décor as well as can transform the entire interior space.

    Here is a list of 4 functional accessories that can be added to dress up the bare walls.

    Wall Clocks
    Wall clocks are the simplest yet the most favourite method of wall décor. A myriad of styles is available ranging from ornamental to rustic to artistic to contemporary. An eye-grabbing piece of décor that can focus attention towards the wall, the size and colour of the wall clock should be chosen according to the wall space.

    A large mirror with ornate wooden borders can instantly enhance the appeal of the room as well as cast an illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors also act as a cost-effective option on the dependence of artificial lights as they reflect light to illuminate the interiors.

    Hollow Space
    Creating a hollow space of any shape in the wall is a much preferred contemporary technique to bring life to bare walls. The practical application of this method can be employed to place a mirror in the bedroom, to stock crockery in a kitchen or as a bookshelf for the study room.

    Modular Shelves
    Adding style and elegance to the wall, modular shelves also serve the functional purpose of organising storage with aesthetics. These are also available in wood, plastic, metal and glass to choose according to the different styles of home décor.

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