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  • How to Get the Best Rental Returns for Your House
    May 31, 2018

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    When investing in a property to generate rental returns, it is vital to ensure that you take of all the important factors that a prospective tenant might look for in a house he wishes to live on rent.

    Here are some tips advised for landlords to raise the rental value of property.

    1. Cleaning

    It is one of the basic but also one among the significant fact that a tenant looks for. Get the house cleaned thoroughly and ensure that the bathrooms and kitchen are spotless and odour-free. Even electrical fittings like fans, lights and air conditioners if any should also be cleaned.


    This is one of the prime factors which ensure the best rental deal as having furniture at a rented house is considered a convenient option by many tenants who are always on the move for work. If furniture is already there, then make sure that is polished and cleaned.

    3.Electrical wiring

    Check on the electrical wiring and repair any faulty connections to avoid hassles. Loose wires are one among the major put offs according to tenants.

    4.Storage Space

    Provide adequate storage space in bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms to makes sure that the tenants will have a comfortable living space that is suitable for their needs.

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