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  • How To Make The Most Of Real Estate Investment
    July 2, 2018

    how to make the most of real estate investment

    Residential real estate investment assures effective returns and is highly regarded as an opportunity to garner wealth. For a successful investment in residential projects, flats and apartments, it is also vital to be considerate of certain parameters like social infrastructure, connectivity, proximity to social infrastructure, etc.

    Here are some guidelines to help make the most of property investment.

    • Learn about the property cycle to correctly identify the entry point in the real estate sector.

    • Understand the government issues leasehold titles.

    • An investor should be aware of the capital gain and the amount of stamp duty that must be paid.

    • Ensure the quality of development to assure healthy returns and to refrain from bad investment choices put forth by a depressed market.

    • Verify the development plans and statutory approvals. If these approvals are not in place yet, close scrutiny should be done all along the investment cycle.

    • Check on the credibility and track record of the developer. The arrangement for finance should also be checked upon to ensure that there are no discrepancies in place.

    • Seek the help of a reputed legal firm to strengthen the property title against discrepancies.

    • Be aware of the implications regarding the size and layout of the property or the unit. Even if smaller units and plots are available at a low price, they might be difficult to sell.

    • Property possession and conveyance of land should not be delayed.

    • An investor should understand the clauses of the sale agreement and should be aware of the transfer charges as applicable.

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