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  • How To Use Mirrors In Home Decor
    July 30, 2018


    how to use mirrors in home decor

    Mirrors are now extensively used in interior décor to benefit from its versatility in maximising a room’s appeal. Mirrors are able to bring light and depth to a room, while also helping to emphasize colours and reflect views to create the appearance of special effects.

    Here some tips for incorporating mirrors in interior décor.

    • Opposite a window
    Placing a mirror across a window will not only create an illusion of space in the room but also will make it brighter by reflecting the natural light that falls directly on it.

    • Mirror walls
    A complete wall affixed with mirror tiles or full-size floor mirrors will add a luxurious statement to the décor. It is also one among the easiest method to make the room appear spacious.

    • Wardrobe panels
    Converting the wardrobe panels into mirror panels will serve a functional purpose while also making the dressing area look bigger and brighter.

    • Wall decor
    Decking up an entire wall using a mirror is an interesting approach towards wall art. Using mirrors of different sizes and shapes will make the wall look stand out while also brightening up the room.

    • Statement piece
    A large mirror with ornate borders or a contemporary design would make an excellent statement piece to decorate bare walls in the living room. From old-world charm to chic modernism, experiments with mirrors will immensely add to the overall appeal of the décor.

    • Stairway walls
    Adorning the boring walls adjacent to stairway will instantly give them a chic and bright look which can enhance the appearance of the space in total. Besides, everyone will love admiring themselves in the mirrors while climbing the stairs.

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