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  • Important things to Know While Choosing the right floor tiling for your Home
    February 24, 2019

    Vitrified or ceramic tiles? Porcelain or stone tiles? Which one would you choose for your home?

    With a plethora of tiling options available in the market, it is a tough call to decide the right tile for the right space at your home. Be it the type, size, colour, texture or maintenance, you need to consider various factors before purchasing and also how well it would go in sync with each room. Follow these tips to choose the right floor tiling for your dream home.

    1. Living room

    Living room is the most commonly used space at home and hence, we need to be sure about how to design it the best way possible. While choosing tiles, select those that are appropriate for your living room, looks good, has longevity and can be maintained easily. Porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles and Italian marble tiles are highly recommended as it adds warmth and character to your room and also keeping its functionality factor in mind.

    2. Bedroom

    Choosing tiles for your bedroom is a good choice especially for those in warmer climates. The flooring should be elegant and picking warm shades like ivory or grey coloured tiles will make it look appealing and spacious. Go for bright floorings to lend a cheerful feel only if the walls are mute and the bedroom décor is minimal. Porcelain tiles are another option as it is durable and can mimic the look of natural stone creating a Mediterranean feel to the room. While choosing the colour and pattern of tiles, ensure it goes in sync with the bedroom décor as well.

    3. Kitchen

    Kitchen floors are prone to more mess and damage and choosing tiles that can resist it is vital. More than its aesthetics, look out for tiles that can be maintained easily, stain-free, anti-scratch and most importantly, durable. It is the most versatile flooring option as you will always find one that goes in contrast with your cupboards, cabinets and counters. Darker shades of ceramic, porcelain, quarry tiles and stone tiles are ideal choices as they clean up easily and are also in vogue.

    4. Bathroom

    The look and feel of your bathroom is largely influenced by the flooring tile you select. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most commonly used tile type for bathrooms due to the appealing and functionality factors. Using composite stone tiles adds a premium appearance and requires only moderate amount of maintenance. The trending pattern is to use in large format but it depends on the floor to ceiling height. For example, using rectangular tile laid vertically creates an illusion of more space for bathrooms with low ceiling height. Also, look out for tiles with anti-skid and water absorbing properties.

    5. Balcony

    Flooring tiles in balconies must be extremely resistant to the climatic conditions and thus, using tiles with natural stone finishing is recommended. Available in different shapes, sizes and colours, these tiles come with anti-skid properties. Using travertine tiles and terracotta are also a good choice as they are porous and absorb water but during extreme climatic conditions, there are chances that they might eventually crack.

    Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most preferred tile options being very economical and easy to maintain. Vitrified tiles are marginally more expensive when compared to ceramic and porcelain tiles whereas terrazzo tiles are the best option considering the cost and maintenance factors. Be it any of these, make sure you choose the appropriate tiles as per your space with the help of the aforesaid tips.

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