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  • Innovative Trends That Are Transforming The Commercial Construction Industry
    October 27, 2018

    commercial real estate trends

    Revolutionary technologies and building practices are transforming commercial real estate and are creating projects that are less expensive, safer and faster.
    Below listed are some of the latest trends that are transforming commercial real estate.

    • Job sites of the future
    Developers in search of innovative methods to cut costs and improve efficiency and job safety are implementing the Internet of Things or IoT which include inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings to collect and exchange data. IoT contains several aspects of the construction tech landscape which comes with equipment and employee tracking, wearables, drone surveying and other information collected on job site

    • Virtual and augmented reality
    The integration of virtual and augmented reality in commercial construction aids in detecting errors even before they occur and thus avoids costly mistakes. The technology also improves job site safety as the site conditions can be analysed without being subjected to potential safety hazards. It is also found useful in safety training and teaching workers to operate heavy equipment in a controlled environment.

    • 3D printing
    3D printing is an emerging technology which is slowly marking its progression in the field of construction with some developers printing houses using giant 3D printers with cement and glass materials. The benefits of this technology include reduction of health and safety risks, the use of recycled materials, waste reduction and ability to build seemingly unique design concepts.

    • Green building
    More and more builders and developers are initiating green building practices and incorporating energy-efficient features in their buildings. Eco-friendly measures like commercial LED lighting, thermo-regulating green roofs, double-layered windows, energy-efficient exterior doors, skylights, etc. are gaining much popularity in commercial constriction.

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