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  • Keeping your home dengue-free during monsoon season
    July 14, 2019


    The constant downpours and the cool weather are absolute soothers but what about the ailments associated with this season? Dengue being the common disease during this time of the year, it is caused by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes which breed in unhygienic areas and stagnant water. Therefore, households are suggested to follow the below mentioned tips and remedies to keep their home free from dengue causing mosquitoes:

    1. Clear stagnant water
    Get rid of the entire breeding habitat by clearing sources for stagnant water. This includes the bottom of your refrigerator, dish basin and cooler. Also, keep the trash bin and toilet bowls covered and ensure that you don’t keep wet waste anywhere near your home. Any containers, flower pots and vases kept outdoors must be covered or constantly checked to avoid water accumulation.

    2. Cover windows and doors with net screens
    These dengue parasites bite during the day and thus, keeping the doors and windows closed throughout the day is not feasible. There are various types of window/door nets available in the market and installing them at home is a wise decision, especially during monsoon season. This not only helps in keeping the mosquitoes away but also lets in cool breeze into your home.
    Make sure there are no holes in these screens and if so, block those areas or get them repaired at the earliest.

    3. Using natural DIY mosquito repellents

    a. Spraying chemical-infused mosquito repellents may help in clearing these parasites from your home but it can have an adverse effect on the residents’ health. An alternative for this is to go for natural methods by lighting camphor in homes where all doors and windows are shut down. The smoke from camphor should stay in the room for about 15-20 minutes to kills the mosquitoes.
    b. Growing tulsi plant at home acts as a natural mosquito repellent due to its special property that keeps them away.
    c. Another great indoor mosquito repellent is neem oil. Apply neem oil and coconut oil mixed in 1:1 ratio to protect you from mosquito bites for at least 8 hours. It is also an excellent antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agent.
    d. You can also use lavender oil as room freshener or apply it on your skin to keep mosquitoes away as the strong scent of this flower makes them unable to attack us.

    4. Using innovative technology
    One of the high-tech solutions to keep these parasites away is by using mosquito killer machines which are available to buy in India. These are worth the money spent and last long while preventing cases of chemical hazard or allergic issues caused due to the presence of aerosols or chemicals in mosquito repellents. Buying table-top machines would be ideal in apartments as it can be placed at an outdoor patio or carried anywhere else.