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  • Key Features to Look Out For While Purchasing a Green Home
    May 20, 2019

    Green living has emerged as a trending lifestyle with more number of people choosing green homes over the normal ones. With a greener home you can not only save money and resources but also improve the quality of living.

    Green buildings promote healthier living by incorporating superior air quality, abundant natural light, access to views and so much more within a home. The major considerations taken into account is its efficiency in matters of energy, water and other resources, quality of indoor environment and the building’s overall impact on the environment.

    Are you someone planning to own a green home? Check the below mentioned pointers to ensure that your green home has the following key features:


    1. Open Space

    The first and foremost feature to check while purchasing a green home is the availability of space. Green homes promote the idea of living in a wide open space, both interiors and exteriors. Homes should be constructed with large carpet area enough for a family to live without cramming. Also, it should have open spaces outside their homes as lawns or meditation centre for the residents to relax.


    2. Energy-efficient system

    Green homes must encompass energy efficient devices and appliances having ‘Energy Star Rating System’ as per the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s (BEE) Standards & Labelling program.  This not only reduces monthly electricity bills but also protects the environment. It must be equipped with energy renewable system like solar power systems for energy efficiency. Through careful selection of windows, duct sealing, proper placement of air and vapour barriers, etc. it is possible to contribute towards an energy efficient home.


    3. Water conservation system

    Green homes should definitely have a water conservation system to ensure proper supply of clean water to all apartments. With apartments being constructed mainly in city areas there are chances for water scarcity. To overcome and prevent such situations, green homes must install water conservation system like water recycling plant or rainwater harvesting system to recycle, conserve or deliver water in the most efficient way possible.


    4.Terrace Gardening

    A significant part of the apartment must be kept aside for organic farming or for gardening in terrace area. This helps in heat absorption and acts as a source for getting organic and healthy fruits and vegetables. This feature is a luxury to the homebuyers as it lets you follow the concept of farm-to -table.


    Green homes play a vital role in contributing towards a sustainable environment and bring plenty of benefits and advantages to its residents. Increased comforts and healthier indoor environment quality are hallmarks of a typical green home and the aforesaid features add to its benefits. Own your dream home at Ladder Kerala, one of the leading builders in Calicut and Kerala that offers fine residential projects comprising of best-in-class features that define a green home. For details on the projects – https://ladderkerala.com/projects/