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  • Key Things to Consider While Hunting for Rental Homes
    October 6, 2019

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    Finding the perfect rental home is a long process that involves proper planning and thorough research to get the right one that suits your budget and interests. After visiting various properties, we make note of the various pros and cons of it. Also, there are a few important things to consider before taking a final call and putting your signature on the lease.

    Here are some of the key factors to consider while hunting for rental homes:

    1. Location

    Location of rental homes plays a crucial role in deciding whether to take the property or not. Homes located at prime areas of the city that has easily accessibility to basic amenities and facilities are preferred by most. The chances for rental charges to be high for properties in favorable locations are more considering the level of convenience and comfort received by the tenants.

    2. Rental charges
    The next obvious factor to be noted is the monthly rental charges to be paid by the tenant. Also, check for the due date and grace period to be on the safer side during occasions of non-payment.
    Typically, rent would not be raised during the lease term but if it is on a short-term lease, there are chances that the landlord may increase rent on a periodic basis, which again depends on the terms of lease.

    3. Availability and payment of utilities
    While taking rental home, it is necessary to find out the utilities that would be included such as gas, water, internet, cable TV, garbage pickup, etc. Also, enquire about the payment part for availing these utilities.

    4. Amenities
    A home that offers all the basic amenities under a single roof will always be preferred by homeseekers. From an equipped gym to reading room, jogging track to a well-maintained lawn, indoor game area to children’s play area and much more, a rental home that fulfills your needs with ease must be on top of your list.

    5. Maintenance and repair
    Confirm with the landlord regarding maintenance and repair of the rental property. May it be regarding the repair of appliances, utilities or regular maintenance of the property, make a clear understanding and an agreement of who is responsible for bearing these expenses.
    Calicut city is lauded to be a homeseeker’s favorite destination due to the multitude of benefits this place has got to offer. Be it for buying flats and apartments in Calicut or even for finding the perfect rental home, this place has got plenty of options laid out for them. Ensure that you note the above mentioned pointers while hunting for a rental home in order to get the best one out of the lot.