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  • Latest Lighting Trends for a Modern Home
    May 5, 2018

    latest lighting trends for a modern home

    Modern homes does not consider lighting as just a crucial factor for illuminator but also as an important factor in décor which offers character and glamour to the space. Lighting elements have many versatile roles like uplifting the ambience, highlighting the décor or create a welcoming atmosphere.

    Here are some of the latest lighting trends that can be experimented with lighting.

    Recessed lights
    Also called as hidden lights or ceiling lights, recessed lights offer a sophisticated ambience and also helps highlight the interiors. By being able to affix them without wires, it makes the room look clean with a seamless appeal.

    LED lights
    While also being an energy-efficient option, LED lights are also the popular choice for lighting up homes. It can be used in every corner of the house and also as hanging lights, accent fixtures and other types. A much favourite versatile option, LED bulbs are also available in a variety of colours.

    Cabinet lighting
    Providing lights inside cabinets and drawers are another growing popularity. This helps locate items even in the dark without switching on the lights in the rooms. Cabinet lighting is mostly automatic and gets turned off when the drawers are closed.

    Night lights
    A perfect choice for subtle illumination at night, these lights are a favourite for use in kid’s rooms. One of the advantages that make them highly popular is that it does not hamper sleep when being turned on the whole night.

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