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  • Location or size of an apartment – which is more important?
    March 20, 2019

    The location of an apartment or its size? Which one is more crucial while buying an apartment?

    The answer to it is quite obvious – it depends on the specific needs of a homebuyer. But during instances when you don’t get a home at favourable locations or don’t get a proper home at all, then the above question appears as a dilemma to all homebuyers. Here is a guide to help you decide amongst the two options:

    1. Connectivity

    Connectivity is a major influencer in the decision-making process for homebuyers. A home that provides easy connectivity to the major areas of the city and a location that is connected through all modes of transportation i.e., road, rail, water and air is considered to be the most desirable one. Also, homebuyers look out for homes at locations near to their workplace, reducing commute time.

    1. Accessibility

    A location that provides accessibility to the basic social infrastructural facilities like educational institutions, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment zones, and other everyday amenities is an exemplary one. Especially for families whose main emphasis would be on the easy accessibility to such amenities.

    1. Price appreciation

    Homebuyers tend to choose homes at locations that have got a scope for future appreciation in the property’s value. Bought as a long-term investment, a home at the most desired location will yield profit when resold, due to a surge in demand for that area.

    1. Living environment

    The last thing a homebuyer would want is to have a disruptive or unsafe neighbourhood. They should check with the neighbours on the living environment, crime rates and also any chances for future developments in that locality.

    • SIZE
    1. Number of members

    While choosing an apartment, the main factor to be considered is the size of the family or number of occupants at home. An increase in the number of members demand for larger living spaces. In such instances, it would be better to sacrifice location for size especially, if you are stringent on budget. And if you are someone who spends less time at home, investing in a smaller space makes sense.

    1. Affordability

    Not everyone can afford an ultra-spacious home with luxurious amenities. Homebuyers searching for homes in a particular price bracket restrict themselves to options that are affordable. Especially those belonging to middle class category, young and independent individuals, nuclear families, etc. consider the affordability of an apartment more than its location.

    1. Functionality

    Another reason why size is considered to be important than location is the functionality element of an apartment. A home that offers spacious living spaces provides more functionality. It offers proper storage spaces preventing clutter, privacy for each member at home and makes life more convenient and easy.

    Homes at the most-desired location with spacious living spaces are always a dream for prospective homebuyers. Deciding whether the location or size of a home is more important truly lies upon the needs of the buyer. Considering the aforesaid pointers, choose and move-in to your dream home. Ladder Kerala, one of the trusted builders in Calicut providing spacious flats and apartments at the best locations in Kerala, offers fine living experiences making it an ideal choice for your new home. For details on our projects – https://ladderkerala.com/projects