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  • Why Mankavu is a great place to buy a home in Calicut?
    March 16, 2017


    flats in mankavu, calicut

    Perfectly situated in the middle of Calicut city encompassing great locality and neighbouring infrastructures, Mankavu is fastly becoming an attractive investment hot-spot for the home-buyers. From residential projects to commercial spaces, the area is becoming one of the best places in Calicut to invest and buy a home.

    Here are few reasons why Mankavu is a perfect place in Calicut for buying a home

    1. Proximity

    The major advantage of living in Mankavu is the amazing proximity the place proffers. It is within walkable distance from the market, school, hospitals and religious places. Also, the location is just 3 Kms away from the railway station, bus stand, shopping malls, multiplexes etc.

    2. Excellent Connectivity

    Located in the centre of Calicut city, Mankavu offers excellent road connectivity to major areas in and around the city.

    3. Educational Hub

    For families with young kids and children, Mankavu is a perfect place to buy a home because of its close proximity to many schools and colleges around.

    4. Good Social Infrastructure

    Other than the educational hub, close proximity to shopping malls, multiplexes, hospitals, banks etc. makes Mankavu one of the best places to live in Calicut.

    5. Smart Investment Opportunity

    Owing to its locality and amazing proximity, Mankavu has become an attractive investment option for new home buyers and investors in Calicut, which has greatly induced the rise in the property value. As a safer investment choice, buying a property now at Mankavu will offer you great returns in the future.

    6. Steady Rental Income

    Flats and Apartments for rental in Mankavu has seen a higher demand in the recent times due to the development of many social infrastructures in the neighbouring areas, not-to-mention the close proximity of the location with all major points of the city. Higher demand has eventually led to a rise in the monthly rental returns making Mankavu a perfect destination for real-estate investment.

    Ladder Mankav Greens, the flagship residential project of Ladder Kerala is perfectly located in Mankavu. The project offers ultra-spacious 2 & 3 bedroom flats in Calicut ranging from 1327 Sq. Ft. to an extravagant 3164 Sq. Ft. with many world-class amenities and facilities.
    For more details on the project, call us at +91 9400470022.