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  • 4 Interesting Methods to Bring Alive the Corners in Your Home
    May 2, 2018

    Corners are the most ignored spaces inside a house. But if utilised efficiently, the dead corners in your home could add glam to the décor and design. These spaces can also be converted into dedicated areas for storage, display purposes as well as for leisure activities.

    Check out the below recommendations on some effective methods for converting the corners to smart spaces.

    1.Lighting to bring life
    The most followed tendency in lighting is to focus on the centre area of the room and leave the corners in the dark. But using sufficient amounts of light could brighten the area and add an attractive appeal to the décor. Pendant lamps, paper made lamp lights, decorative bulbs, ceramic lamps or even small lights can be used for the purpose.

    2.Corner storage and shelving
    Corners could add immensely to the storage capacity of a room when utilised properly. A corner shelf or cabinet can both be the means of an attractive display as well as storage with easy access. In the living room, a corner can be the ideal spot for TV or even for strategically placing the surround sound speakers.

    3.Bring in greenery
    The ignored corners in the room can be decorated with small potted plants to add some fresh elements to the space as well as to set a serene ambience. Artificial plants can also be used as an alternative to this if adding green elements to the decor is the only aim.

    4.Reading corner
    A vacant corner in the living room or bedroom can be converted into a reading nook by adding a corner book shelf, a comfy sofa or a table and chair set. Adding some attractive lights will help brighten the space even more.

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