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  • 6 Creative Methods to Decorate a Dull Corner in Your Home
    May 11, 2018

    6 Creative methods to decorate a dull corner in your home

    Corners are often left out of interior décor. The concentration being on creating focal points at the central area of the space, corners often stay dull and dark. Decorating the corners should also be given equal importance as any space in the room to provide an attractive appeal all together.

    Here Are Some of the Creative Ways to Decorate a Dull Corner in the House

    1. Furniture
    A piece of furniture placed in the corner will bring life to it. It can even be a trolley, a couch or a rocking chair which adds volume to the space but also offers a practical purpose to the corner.

    2. Art
    Placing a piece of art work or a sculpture is another option to bring life to a corner. Even a small fountain will help the unused space look appealing.

    3. Storage
    Adding a corner shelf or rack will make use of the space as a smart storage option, while also adding depth to the empty space.

    4. Mirror
    Placing mirror in the corner will help the room look bigger while also jazzing up the space. It can be a combination of different small mirrors or a larger mirror.

    5. Lights
    Placing a statement light stand or a candle stand on the corner table is one among the simplest was to decorate the space.

    6. Wall hanging
    It can be either a painting or a decorative fabric-woven hanging to liven up the space and add some colour to it.

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