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  • Office Design and its New Trends
    March 17, 2019

    Trends in office designs have evolved tremendously in the past few years and its now focusing on encouraging the comfort levels of employees. A full time employee spends almost eight hours at the office per day, therefore he/she should be provided a working atmosphere that is pleasant and nurturing.

    Modern office spaces are all about keeping the employees happy, productive, flexible and energised, and here are the new trends in office designs to follow this year to achieve the same:

    1. Flexible office spaces

    A flexible office space is non-restrictive where the design lets you move around the furniture, desks and tables as per requirements. Be it for small meetings, brainstorming sessions or for mini celebration time, the flexibility offered by such office designs is high. Here, employees can work in different areas of the office without being stuck at their desks or cubicles throughout the day. Such designs are ideal for agencies involving creative thinking encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

          2.  Biophilic Design

    A design trend that focuses on incorporating natural elements indoors to mimic an outdoor environment. A design that witnessed steady growth, a recent study linked biophilic design to increased productivity and less absenteeism at work. Major employers like Amazon bought this concept in a big way adding features like glass-domed green houses to their company headquarters. The same can be achieved in smaller office spaces by placing potted plants atop desks and cabinets, using living green walls and moss walls.

           3. Comfortable office spaces

    Forcing your employees to sit and work for a couple of hours at a stretch will only bring down their productivity level. Creating a space that fosters creativity, pushes them to work freely to achieve an overall satisfaction is the key to success. Be it a designer, sales representative, HR head or any other officer, provide them a comfortable working space by including furniture pieces like a lounge sofa or bean bags and with other facilities like video game area, ping pong, reading area, etc. to give them the much required break  from work.


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