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  • 5 Must-Have Green Trends for your Apartment
    July 1, 2018

    popular green trends to follow for nature-friendly living

    Modern décor has become all about incorporating nature-friendly elements in the design to follow green living practices. Interior designers are now mostly focused on increasing greenery in flats and apartments to bring in freshness and also to promote a calm and relaxing ambience.

    Here are 5 must-have green trends for your apartment.

    Indoor plants

    Indoor plants have become the popular trend in brining greenery to the interiors. And in flats and apartments where access to gardens might be a limited choice, indoor plants are the smart solution for being one step closer to nature. Potted plants and small herb gardens on kitchen windowsills or balconies will help retain a fresh ambience.

    Vertical gardens

    Vertical gardens have become a practical option in promoting greenery in flats and apartments with space constraints. By adding a green cover on the wall or by creating a green façade, vertical gardens employs effective utilisation of space. Apart from the usual clay pots; bottles, discarded bulbs or small glass vases can also be used to make vertical gardens.

    Kitchen gardens

    Growing vegetables even if in small scale is deemed high importance in self-sustenance. Even if apartments lack the space for kitchen gardens, smaller areas like balconies and windowsills can function as indoor kitchen gardens for growing herbs and leafy vegetables.

    Landscape balcony gardens

    Gardens are not restricted to open spaces and parks anymore, but are ushered into modern flats and apartments with an innovative concept of landscape balcony gardens which employs the effective use of balconies to add that much-required green touch.

    Green elements

    Using sustainable materials in both decorating and building homes are the need of the hour. Reusable and recycled materials are highly preferred to uphold eco-friendly living that reduces impact on the nature.

    Ladder Kerala, one among the leading builders of flats and apartments in Calicut, features innovative green methods like balcony gardens and vertical gardens incorporated in the design to bring in nature as one among the many luxuries offered in their premium apartments.